The Rose-Garden Husband – Margaret Widdemer

A novel about a young librarian who, dreaming one day of a husband and a rose garden, soon finds herself with both in store–but reality is always more complicated than the dream. 1915.

My Lady Valentine – Octavia Roberts

A novel about an editor who sets out to prove that a poem that’s been submitted to his paper has not come from a man, but has in fact come from a woman. 1916.

The Incomplete Amorist – Edith Nesbit

A novel about a young, naive woman who falls for a rakish artist, but fate and the woman’s family intervene to keep the two apart. 1906.

Come Out of the Kitchen! – Alice Duer Miller

A novel about a man who rents a house for the season and keeps having problems with the servants, especially the particularly pretty cook. 1916.

Brewster’s Millions – George Barr McCutcheon

A novel about a man who is tasked with spending every penny of a million dollar inheritance within a year. 1903.

Love’s Shadow – Ada Leverson

A comedic novel about a group of genteel London folk and their various hopes and grievances when it comes to love. 1908.

Nonsense Novels – Stephen Leacock

A collection of humorous short stories that parody popular genres like the sleuth story, medieval tale of chivalry, tragic Russian romance, and paranormal mystery. 1911.

The Third Miss Symons – F. M. Mayor

 A novella about a woman who is neither charming nor beautiful, whose temper alienates her from her large Victorian family, and who watches as her life passes her by. 1913.