The Bespoken Mile – March Cost

A historical novel about a struggling dancer who unexpectedly inherits a house in the Scottish countryside, then astonishes everyone when she decides to make it her new home. 1959.

Bel Lamington – D. E. Stevenson

A novel about a young secretary whose solitary personal life is stirred up by the unexpected appearance of an artist on her rooftop garden. 1961.

Still Glides the Stream – D. E. Stevenson

A novel about a man who retires from the military and returns home to Scotland, where the wartime death of his best friend and neighbor is still strongly felt. 1959.

The House on the Cliff – D. E. Stevenson

A novel about an orphaned actress who inherits a house in Devonshire and instead of selling it makes the less practical decision to move in. 1966.

Katherine Wentworth – D. E. Stevenson

A novel about a young widow who struggles to raise her three children wisely, in the face of financial limitations, family interference, and her own possible needs for happiness. 1964.

The Blue Sapphire – D. E. Stevenson

A novel about a young woman who is all set to marry the man her family wishes her to marry, when a chance encounter helps nudge her toward a more independently-minded lifestyle. 1963.