The Bespoken Mile – March Cost

A historical novel about a struggling dancer who unexpectedly inherits a house in the Scottish countryside, then astonishes everyone when she decides to make it her new home. 1959.

Kilcaraig – Annabel Carothers

A historical saga about a beautiful young woman who has a child out of wedlock, an event that affects her proud Scottish family for generations to come. 1982.

Bel Lamington – D. E. Stevenson

A novel about a young secretary whose solitary personal life is stirred up by the unexpected appearance of an artist on her rooftop garden. 1961.

Still Glides the Stream – D. E. Stevenson

A novel about a man who retires from the military and returns home to Scotland, where the wartime death of his best friend and neighbor is still strongly felt. 1959.

Nonsense Novels – Stephen Leacock

A collection of humorous short stories that parody popular genres like the sleuth story, medieval tale of chivalry, tragic Russian romance, and paranormal mystery. 1911.

Katherine Wentworth – D. E. Stevenson

A novel about a young widow who struggles to raise her three children wisely, in the face of financial limitations, family interference, and her own possible needs for happiness. 1964.

The Blue Sapphire – D. E. Stevenson

A novel about a young woman who is all set to marry the man her family wishes her to marry, when a chance encounter helps nudge her toward a more independently-minded lifestyle. 1963.